Tips & Tricks

Kan Jam truly is anyone’s game and is meant to be played as
casually or competitively as you want. Whether you’re just looking to dominate
the backyard barbeque, or become the next Kan Jam World League champion, here
are some tips and tricks to bring your game to the next level.


The team aspect of Kan Jam is what sets it apart from other backyard games like horseshoes and cornhole. So, being on the same page with your partner and executing your strategy on each throw is crucial to success.

As a thrower, it’s important to communicate with the deflector what you’re aiming for. If you’re already winning, play it safe and go for a Deuce. If you’re down, set your partner up for the Dunk! And in the case that you’re losing big – just send it and go for the Done Deal!


When throwing a disc, there’s a natural curve to the flight path, especially when throwing from 50 feet. Typically, for a right-handed thrower the disc will start to the right and then bend back to the left and vice versa for a left-handed thrower. It all comes down to the angle of the disc when it is released. If your throws are curving too much, try to focus on keeping the disc flat upon release and throw it with some more velocity. Also, work with your partner. The perfect throw is about belt-high, and directly over the goal for easy dunking!


Contrary to some home rules, you are allowed to use 2 hands to deflect. Before the throw, line up directly behind the goal so you’re ready to reach for throws on either side. If you know your partner tends to consistently throws to one side or tends to throw a little short, it’s ok to cheat over and line up on the side. When deflecting, it’s not always about power. Sure, if you have the perfect setup right over the Kan, Jam that thing home with authority! But, on less than ideal throws, sometimes it’s best to act as a backboard and simply
deflect the disc toward the goal.