Kan Jam


Be the first team to reach an exact score of 21 points!


Set up your Kans opposite from one another. (50 feet apart for recreational and competitive play)

Choose Teams

2 teams. Each team member stands behind the kans on opposite sides of the field.

Alternate Throwing and Deflecting

Partners alternate between throwing and deflecting.

Equal Number of Turns

Teams must complete the same number of turns before the game is over, except when an “instant win” occurs. Choosing to throw last is considered to be an advantage.

Winning the Game

Be the first team to score exactly 21 or hit the “instant win” slot!

Breaking a Tie

The winner is decided in an overtime round. Each team competes one round and the team with the most points wins. Overtime rounds continue until the tie is broken.

No points are awarded if...

  • The throwing player does not throw from behind the goal.

  • a throw hits the ground before striking the goal.

  • the Deflector double-hits, catches, or carries the disc.