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  • Tons Of Fun For All!

    This is an absolute blast and fun for all ages. We all enjoyed playing and range from age 8 to 43. We adjusted the recommended distance for the kids and revised the point system and rules a bit. It recommends teams but get creative because this can definitely be played with just two people. Would be a great indoor recess activity for classrooms or gym class! Such fun and so glad we decided to purchase! Buy it!

    [Review from hartr0, 10/16/2020]
  • Welcome to the Jam. The Kan Jam.

    Y'all. Let me tell you about Kan Jam. If you're not playing Kan Jam, your life is a meaningless waste. From its humble beginnings as a game obviously made up on the spot by a hungover gym teacher who didn't want to work to a backyard phenomenon, the only question you should ask yourself is if you're mentally and physically ready to let its majesty wash over you. You will lose friends. You will make enemies. But for the sweet, sweet taste of victory? Yes, you Kan.

    [Review from Catie O!, 3/4/2019]
  • Great game!!!

    Bought several types of games for the reunion and the biggest hit was KANJAM! I first looked at the game and thought “that’s it?” Grabbed it thinking it would be something to keep people busy and I’m glad I did. I highly recommend this game. Even grandma wanted to play!!!

    [Review from Scott, 8/8/2019]
  • Kan Jam = Great Time!

    Prior to getting this as a gift, I never knew what this game was! However, let me tell you, it is one of the most fun games out there! It is super easy to set up the pieces and once you get playing, you’ll easily lose track of time. I just say, the frisbee is VERY durable and has taken many throws and skids across gravel, but it barely shows any signs of use. Highly recommend this game to anyone who loves being outdoors and having a good time!

    [Review from Andrew E., 6/8/2019]
  • A winner we’ve borrowed and had to own

    After borrowing and playing others' games at multiple group camping trips, had to have one ourselves. So great in campground loops, beaches, etc.....gets hours of play by every age and gender. (Adults like it that it can be played one-handed with drink in hand :))

    [Review from MSC., 1/4/2020]
  • Fun summertime activity

    I purchased this for a family picnic and we had such a fun time playing with it, especially once the sun went down. The instructions were clear, and the cans easy to assemble. I was impressed with how visible the 'cans' were in the dark, and it was a fun game for everyone to play and watch.

    [Review from Elizabeth G. Jones., 1/4/2019]


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