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Where can I buy Kan Jam products in person?

Kan Jam is sold by a variety of major retailers such as Walmart and Target. To find all locations near you where Kan Jam is sold, see our Where to Buy page.

What should I do if I lost / broke part of my set?

If you run into a problem with your Kan Jam product, give us a call at 973-585-4747 and our New Jersey based Customer Service team will be happy to help.

Is there a warranty on my product?

All Kan Jam products are covered by a 1-Year Limited Warranty. Visit our Warranty page for more information.


Rules & Gameplay

How do you determine which team throws first and which throws second?

One way to decide who throws first is to flip the disc in the air and call “heads or tails”. “Odds or evens” and “rock paper scissor” are two other ways teams decide who will throw last. In a series of games against the same team, it’s customary that the losing team from the previous game gets to decide whether they will throw first or second.

What is considered a clean deflection, and what is considered a “carry”?

What is and isn’t considered a carry is often the most controversial aspect of Kan Jam. If a player catches, pinches or manipulates the disc while deflecting, often this would be called a carry. Proper deflection techniques include slamming, pushing or slapping at the disc. If a throw is low, a player may get their hands underneath the disc and flip it up toward the goal. However, in this situation it’s important to not catch or pinch as this would be a carry.

Can you use your feet or leg to deflect the Kan Jam disc?

In our years of watching and playing Kan Jam, we’ve seen almost every body part used to defect a Kan Jam disc. As long as you do not double-tap the disc, you can use whatever part of your body is necessary to deflect. If there is a double-tap, the points scored on that throw are negated.


Kan Jam World League

What is the World League?

Kan Jam World League is a new Discflect tournament league sponsored by the Kan Jam brand.  With local and regional tournaments across the country, we are looking to bring Kan Jam to all our fans and avid players near and far.

How do I start a sanctioned tournament?

Please visit to learn more about leagues and tournaments in your area.  If there are no leagues currently available, please contact our team and we will have the right Kan Jam team member reach out to you directly.

Does it cost money to attend events?

Please visit to learn
more about participation costs, prizes and more! 

What does it take to become an ambassador?

Please visit to
contact our ambassador team directly!


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