Kan Jam Terminology

The Hammer – The team who throws last has the hammer. It’s generally an advantage to have the hammer as you will get your final throws should your opponent get to 21 first.

Dinger – The Dinger refers to a one point shot, where the disc deflection hits the outside of the goal.

Deuce – The deuce is a two point shot where the thrower hits the goal without a deflection.

Bucket – The bucket is a 3 pointer, which is when a teammate deflects the disc into the goal.

Instant Win – The chance of an Instant Win keeps teams in the game even when they are losing. To throw an instant win, the Kan Jam disc must go through the Instant Win slot or into the top of the goal without the help of the deflector.

Perfect GameA perfect game is when one team wins with seven consecutive buckets to start the game. If the game were to go into overtime, this would negate the perfect game.

Where can I purchase Kan Jam?
All Kan Jam products can be purchased at our online store.
Where are the Kan Jam goals and flying discs produced?

Much like Hulk Hogan, Bruce Springsteen and many more, we are proud to be American. Kan Jam was invented just outside of Buffalo in North Tonawanda, and still calls Western New York home.  Kan Jam’s headquarters, warehouse and production facilities are all still located in Buffalo, NY.

How many points is Kan Jam played up to?

All regulation Kan Jam, Kan Jam MINI and Kan Jam Splash games are played up to 21 or until an instant win is thrown, whatever comes first.

Is there crying in Kan Jam?

“There’s no crying in Kan Jam!” (unless they’re tears of joy after winning the Kan Jam World Championship)

What are the Kan Jam overtime rules?

In overtime each player gets a chance to throw, and whatever team scores the most points in that overtime round wins the game. Should the game still be tied after the first overtime, this process is repeated until there is a winner.

Is there an easy way to keep track of your Kan Jam score?

We’re not all math majors at Kan Jam, so we’ve created a mobile app to do the math for us. The Kan Jam Mobile app is designed for both iPhone and Android smartphones and comes equipped with scoreboard and rules features.

How far apart should the Kan Jam goals be?

In a regulation Kan Jam game, the goals should be placed 50 feet apart. When playing in strong winds or in crowded areas, such as a tailgate party or at the beach,, the Kan Jam goals can be moved closer together to improve the quality of play.

Where do players stand to throw the disc?

We always tell people the front of the Kan Jam goal is the line not to cross. If any part of the players body crosses this imaginary line, the points from this throw would be negated.

What constitutes an Instant Win throw?

To score an Instant Win, a team member must throw the disc directly into the instant win slot or into the top of the goal without the assistance of his/her partner.

If a disc goes through the Instant win slot and comes out the top, how many points is that worth?

There’s no worst feeling in Kan Jam then watching your surefire Instant Win throw go through the slot and out the top of the goal, as this would only be a deuce (2-pointer). In order for the throw to count as an Instant Win the disc needs to go through the slot of the goal and stay inside. When the throw goes through the Instant Win slot, knocks over the goal and the disc is still inside, it is an instant win. If the disc remains where the goal would have been this also would be an instant win. However, if the disc falls away from the goal, this would be considered a deuce (2-pointer).

What happens when the first team gets to 21 and the second team throws an Instant Win on their final throw?

Any time a team throws an instant win, the game is immediately over. the first team is often left in shock muttering something under their breath.

How do you find the best Kan Jam teammate?

Convince former NBA player Dikembe Mutombo to play with you. That guy would deflect every single throw into the goal.

How do you determine which team throws first and which throws second?

One way to decide who throws first is to flip the disc in the air and call “heads or tails”. “Odds or evens” and “rock paper scissor” are two other ways teams decide who will have the hammer. In a series of games against the same team, it’s customary that the losing team from the previous game gets to decide whether they will throw first or second.

What is considered a clean deflection, and what is considered a “carry”?

What is and isn’t considered a carry is often the most controversial aspect of Kan Jam. If a player catches, pinches or manipulates the disc while deflecting, often this would be called a carry. Proper deflection techniques include slamming, pushing or slapping at the disc. If a throw is low, a player may get their hands underneath the disc and flip it up toward the goal. However, in this situation it’s important to not catch or pinch as this would be a carry.

Can you use your feet or leg to deflect the Kan Jam disc?

In our years of watching and playing Kan Jam, we’ve seen almost every body part used to defect a Kan Jam disc. As long as you do not double-tap the disc, you can use whatever part of your body is necessary to deflect. If there is a double-tap, the points scored on that throw are negated.

What happens if you go over 21 points?

First you weep uncontrollably, then you receive a scoring penalty based on the amount of points scored on that throw . For example, if you have 20 points and score 2 instead of 1, your score would be reduced to 18. If you have 19 points and score 3 instead of 1, your score would be reduced to 16.

Where can I find all of the Kan Jam rules?

For even more information on how to play Kan Jam visit the How to Play page, or download the mobile app on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

Can Kan Jam Mini be played both indoors and outside?

Can Kan Jam Mini be played both indoors and outside?

How many players do you need to play Kan Jam Mini?

There are two ways to use Kan Jam Mini. You can play the traditional 2-on-2 OR try the fast-paced one-on-one format. The scoring rules and instructions for both formats will come with every Kan Jam Mini order.

How does Kan Jam Splash work?

The custom Kan Jam Splash goals are made to float and make it easy to play Kan Jam in the water, either 1-on-1 or 2-on-2.

Do I need to already own a Kan Jam game to use Kan Jam Splash?

You do not need to own a Kan Jam game to enjoy Kan Jam Splash. The Kan Jam Splash package comes with everything you need to enjoy Kan Jam in the water

Where can Kan Jam Splash be played?

The custom Kan Jam Splash goals are perfect for playing Kan Jam in the pool, lake, ocean or any other body of water.

What is Kan Jam Illuminate?

The Kan Jam Illuminate package is a glow-in-the-dark kit that lets you play Kan Jam into the late night.

How far can you see the Kan Jam Illuminate goals at night?

With the Kan Jam Illuminate Kit, you can easily see both the goal and the Instant Win slot from 50 feet, which is the official Kan Jam distance.

Do you need a Kan Jam game to use the Illuminate kit?

If you already own an original Kan Jam game, the Illuminate kit will easily attach to your goals. The Illuminate kit does not come with a new set of Kan Jam goals.

How can I become the best Kan Jam player in the world?

Ask Eric Klavoon; he has 7 Kan Jam World Championship titles!

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