Born in the USA

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Kan Jam's proud to be American made


Kan Jam is a proven example of how American-made manufacturing can be successful, and compete with overseas competition.

When we first started our company in 2006 it was presumed that our Kan Jam game was manufactured in China. After all, wasn’t every sporting good and game item made there? People were surprised to hear that we could manufacture a product made from plastic here in the USA and make it better, and less expensive. Kan Jam is proof that good old fashion American ingenuity, technology and partnering with your suppliers can get it done.

It seems like it was just a few short years ago that we were assembling Kan Jam games late nights in the basement. Today Kan Jam has a robust product line including: Kan Jam Mini, Kan Jam Splash, Kan Jam Gliders, various Glow-in-the-Dark products, Custom Flying Discs and accessories. Kan Jam products are also sold in over 12,000 retail locations across the USA, in 23 countries in Europe, across Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Kan Jam is also growing in schools as part of physical education curriculums across the USA. Today, over 7,000 schools use Kan Jam and counting!

So yes—we know not every product can be manufactured in the USA, but we do know it’s possible and often times likely that you can make it better, faster, and more profitable here in the good ol’ USA!

Kan Jam is proudly made in America

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