KanJam is currently played in over 7,000 schools across the country and we’re always hearing from phys-ed teachers about the different ways they use KanJam in Gym class. We’ve put together five great ways to use KanJam as a gym game, and we’re sure there’s a whole lot more. Please email us at contact@kanjam.com with your ideas for how to use KanJam as a school game and we will add it to our list!

1. KanJam Original – Many physical education classes across the country play KanJam in the original format of 2-on-2 with a score up to 21. The teams of two throw and deflect the disc to score points, and the first team to score 21 points or throw an Instant Win is declared the winner.

2. KanJam Switch –  This game is played just as the original game, however after every team has their turn to throw and deflect, they sprint to the opposite side for their next turn. Players also must make sure not to disrupt the other games being played, or this will result in a loss of the team’s throws in the next round.

Game play continues, throwing, deflecting and switching sides, until one team scores 21 points or an Instant Win occurs.

3. KanJam Relay – To play KanJam Relay, teachers set up at least two courts as you would for original KanJam. Teams of 3 or more are formed and placed at each each goal. Each team can have multiple throwers and deflectors for example, a team can have 4 throwers at one goal and one person deflecting the discs, making it a team of 5.

After a throw and deflect, the thrower sprints to the other goal and becomes the deflector and the current deflector takes the disc and sprints to the opposite goal, giving the disc to the next thrower in line. Game play continues until one team scores 21 points or throws an Instant Win

4. Ultimate KanJam – Ultimate KanJam is played just like Ultimate Frisbee, but with a KanJam twist. The goals are established at approximately 30 yards apart with a designated 10-foot zone, where only the deflector can enter.

Teams of four play against each other and pass the disc to one-another, however they can not take more than 3 steps while in possession of the disc. As the team advances toward their scoring goal, the defensive team can play NO CONTACT defense. This means the defensive team can intercept and/or deflect passes or scoring attempts, as long as they don’t step within the 10-foot scoring zone.

Anytime the disc hits the ground on offense, possession transfers to the other team, and any time a non-deflecting offensive player enters the scoring zone, possession is awarded to the opposing team and any points scored on that play are nullified. Should a defensive player enter the scoring zone, an automatic 2-point penalty is assessed to the defensive team, and the offensive team regains possession at the point of the throw.

The first team to 21 points wins the game. An Instant win can only be scored by throwing the disc through the Instant Win slot.

5. KanJam Stack – For KanJam Stack, the court is set-up with 4 goals in a diamond shape. Teams of 4 or 5 are established on a 40-foot long court. There can be multiple courts set up for all students to play at once.

One deflector stands behind the diamond and the throwers stand 40-feet away from the goals. After a throw and deflect, the deflector runs the disc back to the throwing line and goes to the back of the line and the thrower becomes the new deflector.

The disc must be thrown or deflected into the goals to score points. Each time a disc enters a goal, that goal is removed from the diamond and the goals are realigned based off of the teams preference, so as long each goal is touching at least one other goal.

Once a team has removed all four goals, they yell “KanJam!” and the first team to do-so is the winner. There is no Instant Win throw in this game.

Do you have another way to play KanJam in gym class? Email us at contact@kanjam.com and we will add your game to this list!