The Table-Top Game For the 21st Century

KanJam’s newest product, Gliders, is different than all of our other games, so we’ve come up with 10 reasons you’ll absolutely love our new table-top game. Gliders is currently available at our online shop and many store locations

10. The 90’s are back baby! – Whether it’s Jimmy Fallon re-uniting the Saved by the Bell cast, Vanilla Ice being back in the news for being arrested or seeing Wayne and Garth back on TV, the 90’s are having a big resurgence as of late, so why not take part in the nostalgia with KanJam Gliders? Gliders are a table-top game reminiscent of the penny hockey or paper football games you played in the cafeteria growing up

9. Not just for the young at heart – While KanJam Gliders may come from the old-school table-top games, we’ve put a modern twist on the game with the KanJam Launcher. Use the launcher to either slap-shot the disc toward the goal OR use the launcher as leverage to propell the disc through the air.

8. KanJam Gliders is a game of strategy Each team get’s one bonus shot per game which will double any points they earn on that shot, so make sure to use it at just the right time. BUT, remember, if you miss the goal completely on your bonus shot, you lose 2 points.

7. This list isn’t a slideshow – Does anybody like having to click that small arrow to get to the next item on the list? It’s even harder on your phone. That should earn KanJam Gliders some bonus points right there

6. Stay warm and play indoors – It’s currently -10 degrees outside at the moment. Stay inside and enjoy KanJam Gliders instead of having your face go numb just by getting NEAR a window

5. KanJam Gliders can be played anywhere – Gliders is ultra compact and is perfect for a dorm room, lunch break in the school cafeteria or office breakroom, or anywhere with a table.

4. Born in the USA – Like all of our KanJam games and accessories, KanJam Gliders is proudly made in America. All of our games and accessories are manufactured and packaged in Western New York, the birthplace of KanJam.

3. Play one-on-one – KanJam Gliders is designed for fast-pace back-and-forth action. With no-need to deflect the disc into the goal, Gliders can be played with only two people

2. The Price – KanJam Gliders is the most affordable KanJam game yet. At only $7.99 per game, you can’t afford to not play KanJam Gliders

1. It’s still a KanJam game – If you’re reading this, you’ve probably played the original KanJam game, and a majority of you have played KanJam MINI and/or SPLASH. Would we steer you wrong?